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Grow natural hair again, reveres your life from elder to younger and restore your confidence.
Medical advancement with the application of science and technology, hair loss is no anymore a never repairing curse by use of hair surgery around the world , so do in India. Days have gone when once hair were lost then rest of life were spend in experimenting with hair restoration. This has been established so far that hair transplantation is only permanent solution for growing natural hair again on bald area of the head or where ever hair is required and reflects great result after the hair growth. Growing hair loss grievance among both men and women in all age group is a serious issue which makes deep impact on one’s confidence level, personal life and professional success as well. Baldness is a blow to once self-esteem .Hair loss also leads to worries about looks which may lead to diversion from one’s focused approach to goals in life especially if you are losing hair at a young age.
A successful hair transplant improves quality of life. Among several benefits of best hair transplant , the restoration in confidence, reduction of worry and a youthful appearance are highlights which every one experience after successful hair transplantation surgery.
Hair restoration surgery can produce results that put you back on the path toward personal and professional success by helping you to grab opportunities with confidence.
But hair transplant surgery must be performed by experiance and skillful surgeon at well equiped and advanced centers. Our hair transplant center in India is such an center which is run by very abled doctors at Delhi, Gurgaon, Lucknow , Indore and Ludhiana in Punjab. The cost is lowest possible with best quality assuranced in India. We have done more then 4000+ cases of done so far.

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What to expect from hair transplant surgery

Technique of hair transplant surgery involves procedure of extracting live hair grafts (hair follicles, skin and tissue) from where hair are in excess (called donor sites) on the patient's head or from body source then planting them to the balding region(called recipient site).
The entire procedure is done under local anaesthesia which makes procedure painless and patient remains conscious. Today hair transplant is most practised aesthetic procedure all over the world by the hair transplant surgeons. Mainly two hair transplant technique is practised by surgeons one is FUE (Follicular unit extraction) and other is FUT (follicular Unit Transplant) also known as Strip Method.
FUE: It is a latest and most advanced hair transplant technique (some time same technique is termed as DHI, fuse, ADHI etc just for marketing advantage over other). In this technique each grafts is extracted individually from bald resistant area of body(like back of head, beard) using small round punch, which may contains 1-4 hair follicular units , then are planted into a patient's balding or desired area. During the procedure in FUE individual follicular unit grafts are expurgated one at a time using tiny punch. FUE is ideal for restoring the hair on other part of body like Eye brow, Eyelashes, Beard, moustache or any place to fill a scar apart from balding head.
FUT (Strip Method): It is strip excision method [called as FUT (follicular unit transplant)] in which s surgically a strip is cut and removed from scalp (bald resistant donor area) of the patient. The donor area is then sutured using sutures (either stitches or staples) are then removed about ten days after surgery. Our some physicians use dissolvable sutures. After healing of linear incision after 2 months of time patient is left with a thin scar in the back of the head, which becomes in visible after the surrounding hair grows out and conceals..

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Perfect Hair Transplant is a one point solution strategy for all kind of hair related problem of hair from any part of the body. Only skilled and internationally recognized doctors are in panel of doctors. We provide best quality treatment at lowest cost for best of art surgery treatment.

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Medical Tourism India

Patients to us come from all corners of the world and from native country India. For those patients who don't have any facility of accommodation of their own , on their demand , for their convenience we arrange all from transport to dwelling facilities including tour to famous places as Medical Tourism.

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