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PHT is the foremost brand in new era of hair transplant technology, providing its clients with unparalleled creative design options and a heightened quality of life. PHT is known in industry for artistic brilliance, creative sensibilities, and scientifically advanced technology.

The principal behind hair transplant surgery stems from the permanency of some hair. While some hair on your scalp
has a transient life span, other hair tends to endure for a lifetime. It was found that permanent hair could be moved
to any part of the body where it can continue to grow and behave as if it were still in its original site.

Techniques of hair transplant which involves two ways of hair extraction:

1.Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) Technique.

The FUT technique identifies the patient’s natural hair groupings called follicular units. These are then removed
from the surrounding skin in a way that leaves them intact in their genetic form. They are then placed in the recipient
area with the appropriate density, distribution, direction, angulation and orientation thus giving natural results.

2.Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Technique.

In FUE, a specialized punch with less than 1mm diameter is used to extract the hair from
the scalp. The main advantage of this technique is that follicular units are extracted directly
form the scalp rather than in larger groups, which obviates the utilization of scalpel and stitching.

This technique can also be used to perform a body hair FUE hair transplant, allowing patients with bald
or almost completely bald heads to expand their donor possibilities.


The “Strip Harvesting Technique” which involves removing a strip containing a large
group of follicular units from the donor area.

The “Follicular Unit Extraction” (FUE) Technique", which involves removing one follicular
unit at a time directly from the donor area.

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