FAQs on Perfect Hair Transplant Platform

Here are some of the top questions that are asked about hair transplant center aggregator platform Perfect Hair Transplant. One can easily satisfy his/her queries and ensure that the platform meets his/her needs and addresses all the concerns by reading the following FAQ.

1. What services does the perfect hair transplant provide ?

Perfect Hair Transplant (PHT) is an Indian aggregator and appointment booking platform for hair transplant centers. We don’t own the any center but list the center run by doctors and enables them to connect with the patients. Patients who are seeking consultation for their alopecia or hair fall can book appointment through website and app.

2. How does the Perfect Hair Transplant ensure data privacy and security ?

We protect the user data through Peer to peer encryption between server and user system. Highest security is ensured at server to save the user data from any kind of theft.

3. What are the costs and pricing for the services ?

There is no cost or pricing for using this aggregator platform. One has to pay the fees charged by the doctors at their center. The procedure cost is charged differently as per degree of balness or hair fall.

4. How does the platform handle user feedback and complaints ?

We do follow-up calls to patients to know their experience about the hair transplant center where they have consulted using our platform. As per their feedback we take steps to positively enhance their experience. In case of complaints we take steps including informing the Center about the complaint and asking them the reason for it. We ensure that it is resolved and does not recur in the future. If such complaints are received repeatedly from the same center, then we back list the center and remove the center from the Perfect Hair Transplant platform. We also arrange for conference calls or face-to-face conversations if possible to maintain transparency and accountability.

5. What Are the Platform's Data Sources?

We collect data from various resources. We strive to provide accurate information from our team's independent studies. We collect data available in research journals, patients' reviews and recommendations, data available on various other sources, interviews with doctors and the results of discussions at hair transplant doctors' seminars and conferences. We collect details of doctors, staff, techniques, results, center and infrastructure through set of questionnaires before finally publishing their profile on our platform.

6. How does our platform work ?

Perfect Hair Transplant (https://www.perfecthairtransplant.com), the website & App work as conjunction point for the patients to most suitable hair transplant centers to them. When a patient enquires about the services we inform the center and connect the patient and the service provider so that both can communicate as per their requirement. We enable a patient to find number of options at one place so that he/she can find most suitable center for his requirement.

7. How Can I book appointments with doctors online ?

Find the ‘Doctor’ tab at our platform and select the city where you want appointment and then select the doctor from the city with whom you want book appointment and write your details and requirement in form provided or just by calling to our contact number. After getting your details you will get confirmation from the center.

8. Is it free to use the platform ?

The use of the platform is absolutely free. Our platform is completely free for accessing the information and booking the appointment. The patent may be asked for consultation fees by the doctor during face-to-face consolation at the clinic of the doctor or through online medium. Patient has to pay the procedure cost to the center. We at Perfect Hair Transplant don’t ask for any charges or fees from the patient for using our platform.

9. How do I create an account and log in ?

One does not need to register on our platform to book an appointment; just filling the form with your details will serve the purpose of booking an appointment. An account must be created when participating in a discussion in forum or commenting on a post in the blog section of the platform.

10. What are the hair care solution services available for booking on the platform ?

The range of services and specialties offered at the centers listed on our platform include hair transplant technique, eyebrow transplant, beard transplant, mustache transplant or hair regrowth on any scar by FUE or FUT technique. Some centers also address skin related problems.

11. Are the hair treatment providers on this platform licensed and accredited ?

Our process for selecting centers to be listed on our platform is very rigorous. We also check the qualifications and credentials of the centre's doctor while evaluating the facilities, staff and equipment used by the centre. We list only those doctors who have membership of national or international pediatric associations like AHRS, ISHRS and have at least MBBS degree and have been practicing this procedure for last 3 years and consistently giving good results. The center should have trained skilled and experienced staff. There should be dedicated staff to coordinate and communicate with patients.

12. How do I cancel or reschedule an appointment ?

One can re-schedule or cancel appointment just by calling to center representative or by dropping a message through whatsApp or email.

13. Can I access the platform on a mobile device or through an app ?

Our platform (https://www.perfecthairtransplant.com) is a mobile friendly website can be access through PC/Lap top, mobile, tablet or one can download our as Android application available on play store and can access our facility using the same.

14. Are there any discounts or promotions available for booking appointments ?

Time to time we keep publishing the discounts and offers availed by the center. On few occasion we also inform the patients though email or WhatsApp message or by direct call regarding special offers by our listed centers.

15. Is Customer Support Available ?

Yes, we provide customer support on the number published on the website to assist the caller regarding any service provided by the listed centre. One can call at any time to seek services from customer support.