About Us

About Us

Today, the barriers to healthcare delivery are not unavailability of doctors, but inaccessibility and unaffordability to the service.

Perfect Hair Transplant brings together highly professional, successful doctors running their own hair restoration clinics on one platform to facilitate appointment and sharing information.

Our mission is to connect patients to the right clinic based on information to make the right choice of location, treatment and selection. Our research, investigation and regular human verification processes enable us to list quality clinics.

At Perfect Hair Transplant (perfecthairtranslant.com) we help people live confidently with natural hair. We enable the user to find, compare and coordinate with hair transplant doctors at trusted centers.

Our Doctors

We examine the profile of doctors and clinics on following considerations before listing them to our panel of doctors :-

  • Doctor must be a qualified doctor at least MBBS from MCI recognized colleges.
  • Doctor must be fulfilling minimum qualification for practicing hair transplant in India as per the government norms.
  • The supporting staffs should be highly trained professionals, certified from reputed institute and trained in the techniques. They must have undergone vigorous and extensive training in the same.
  • Centre must possess state of the art facilities and uses the latest equipment to treat hair loss.
  • They must be practicing since last 2 years and have good reviews.

Our belief

We believe that by finding solutions in technology, we not only make hair transplant incredibly accessible to people in remote areas but also provide multiple options.

We like to solve problems, take on new challenges, and overcome them quickly.

We are investing in the future. We value openness, transparency, knowledge and agreeing to disagree to not only create a user-friendly platform, but also create an environment that appeals to our stakeholders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the patient an empowered seeker of service through enabling them to access all the information needed to make an informed choice, including price, availability and reviews.

Perfect Hair Transplant is India's leading platform to book appointments with hair transplant doctors. We have our presence in all major cities across the country through a network of 100+ qualified doctors located in these cities.

Since 2012, we have offered an informed guide to the best hair solutions for hair loss sufferers around the world who seek treatment in India. We have always tried to provide patients with painless solutions and advice to help them restore their hair and get rid of baldness with consistent results.